• “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving.

    What you have caught on film is captured forever…
    It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” — Aaron Siskind

Sara Cate is six months

Isn’t she beautiful?!  She looks like a porcelain doll.  I photographed her parents’ engagements and wedding as well as her 3 month photos.  She’s now six months and sitting up and

Alexis Davidson senior session

Alexis’ mom is my sister-in-law’s bff. I’m so glad they chose ME for Alexis’ senior session!! We did so many cool things tonight!  And… some funny things like…

Hadley Hill newborn sneak peek

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE it when parents request outdoor newborn sessions?!  Her mommy and daddy are both big outdoors people and love hunting.  Her daddy is also a lineman.  I LOVE how these


Five years ago I met Emily and Jonathan when they were expecting their twin boys!!  I remember taking a video of those boys kicking like crazy in her belly.  Jonathan is also the man we call if a

Kate Hanna’s newborn session

I love when parents come into the studio and there’s no denying that they are completely madly in love with their newest family member.  Kate Hanna is very loved and so pretty!

Landree’s newborn session

Here’s a sneak peek into Landree’s session.  I can’t believe Lennox is now a big brother!! They are both SO adorable!  

Olivia’s senior sneak peek

Olivia is a sweet, pretty, unique high school senior who loves the 1950’s, stories, fairytales, and more!  So we used her interests to create a custom session! Special thanks to: Brooks

Allie Montgomery’s senior session sneak peek

Q. Do you play any sports? A. Cheerleading Q. Whats your favorite color? A. Blue Q. Do you have a vehicle? what is it? A. Yes, Mustang Q. If we got in your vehicle, what music would

Cody Carter’s senior session sneak peek

Congrats Cody Carter!! Q. Do you play any sports? A. Baseball and football Q. Whats your favorite color? A. Blue Q. Do you have a vehicle? what is it? A. Dodge Ram Q. If we got in your

Logan Kate’s newborn sneak peek

First comes love, then comes marriage… then comes baby… and then baby #2 (21 months later).   And I am just in awe that I was there to photograph all of it. Katie and Bubba George are THE

Jago Cook’s newborn session sneak peek

I have to say how much I love and appreciate Christy and Josh (Juice) Cook.  So… a long long time ago….  Christy was the first person I met when I arrived on campus for college.  Since

Hadley’s newborn sneak peek

I’m so glad our paths crossed, Jordan.  I met Jordan a few years ago at The Lift in Jackson.  I was entered in the Mission Slimpossible (biggest loser) competition and she was a trainer for

Theresa and Trevor’s engagement session

I’ve known Theresa for years and was so honored when she asked me to photograph her engagement and upcoming wedding!  Theresa is a beautiful country girl with a smile to die for and I’m

Sadie girl is ONE

I love our clients.  I’m just so touched by clients that drive from hours away to come have sessions.  I love my job and love this family.  Here’s a few images from newborn and one

A Beautiful Mess

Recently I asked my college friend, Janna Beth, to come to the studio so I could photograph her newborn twins as my gift to her.  Her story is so beautiful so I asked her to share it instead of me

Memphis Botanic Garden Limited Sessions – May 14

Memphis Botanic Family Limited Sessions We are excited to introduce Memphis Botanic Garden Limited Sessions.  These were designed specifically with families, couples, maternity, and children in mind.

Rylee’s newborn session

Rylee arrived in this world a week ago by c-section after 2 hours of momma pushing and all measures possible to get him to come out.  Here’s just a few images from his session. I’ll add

Crimson Clover Sessions

Starla Photography is doing a POP UP mini session! This is so exciting!! Kind of exhilirating. We found a GREAT location and are doing crimson clover mini sessions TOMORROW Monday, April 25th!!  The

Mommy and Me sessions

Starla Photography’s Mommy and Me sessions I became a mom last year and my whole world has changed. I love absolutely everything about being a mom. I love snuggling with my little guy, smelling

Our baby boy is one

This teddy is very special. First, it was my uncle’s teddy bear and he died in a motorcycle accident as a teenager. I saw it sitting on a shelf in my mom’s room when I was little and ask

Lily’s newborn session

I’ve known Laura Beth since college and I am beyond flattered to have photographed her first newborn and new her second.  What a sweet pea.  She was born 5.5 weeks early.  She’s a month

Henry Oldham – newborn session

It was so good to see Mallory again!! We’ve been friends for years!  I photographed her wedding, her first baby, and now her second baby.  I love watching a love story grow into a family.

My 21 day fix experience

I’d like to start this blog post by saying that I’m writing this as a way to hold myself accountable and maybe inspire some people along the way by exposing my weaknesses and turning them

Mattie – newborn session

Some babies look like grouches but Mattie had such a pleasant expression for her whole session.  Such a sweet little thing.

Grant Kee – newborn session

I’m a newborn photographer – but also a wedding photographer (seniors, families, etc).  This little nugget’s parents were “Starla Bride and Groom” a few years ago!  Now

Vivian Lowe – newborn session

I love the moment when new clients walk into the studio and pull back the carseat cover and I get to see their new little addition.  The first thing I noticed about Vivian was her head full of

Selah Taylor – newborn session

A few years ago I met the Taylors at Evelyn’s newborn session and now she’s a big sister. I can’t even believe how fast time flies! She’s the sweetest big sister too!!! Here

Kinsley – newborn session

I’m so honored – Kinsley is Sara Beth and Kyle’s third baby and I’ve been lucky enough to photograph all three of their beautiful babies.  I don’t think I’ve had a

Melissa and Nick – engagement session

How amazing is this gorgeous couple?  They win for furthest drive.  They drove down from Iowa (to Tennessee) for their engagement session and in October, we’ll be driving up to Iowa for their