Behind the Lens

12314058_10153782468906617_1722015591921195415_nPINStarla Holl

I grew up in the teeny town of Doniphan, Missouri.  The only reason you might visit there is if you float the current river but at least we were only a short drive from Lamberts, home of the thrown rolls. My mom gave me a camera when I was five and it has been permanently attached to my hand ever since. In high school, I worked at the local radio station and loved acting. After college I was a nanny in New York and then took a job at the Jackson Sun as a graphic artist where I met Ian. I knew the day I met that man that I’d marry him one day.  We built our home and studio in Beech Bluff, TN (near Jackson) with our doggy Milly and our baby boy Finn.  (Ask Ian about Finn’s middle name sometime).

Everyday Questions

What’s the first thing you do or think of when you wake up? Thank you Lord for waking us up and having another day 

Hot or cold? I’d rather be cold than hot.  I can always add more layers but there’s only so much you can take off. ha

Favorite type of movie? RomCom

Los Portales or El Ranchito? Just feed me mexican food any day of the week.  Start me an IV of cheese dip and don’t skimp on the guacamole. 

Weekend or week days? They all blur together as a photographer.  Mondays are my Saturdays

If you could have a super power, what would it be? Super Strength 

Favorite pair of shoes of all time? I have a pair of flats with a gold toe that I wish could last forever

Favorite drink? Chocolately chip frappuccino 

I hate it when a person_________. lies. just shoot me straight.

Katy Perry or  Katie Holmes ? Perry I guess.

Favorite Holiday? Christmas

If I could see a live taping of a tv show, what show would it be? BONES.  

I look for ___________in a man.  a love for the Lord  (and a good nose) 

Coco or Kate? Coco perfume for sure. 

If I wasn’t a designer/ photographer what would I be? a speech pathologist 



Ian Holl    Spelled with a “O”, pronounced like an “A”

I was raised in the thriving metropolis known as Monroeville, Al. The childhood home of Harper Lee, To Kill A Mockingbird. It’s about a hour & some change from Gulf Shores. The Lord has allowed me to serve in the Air Force & attend the greatest University in the country. I was able to graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in Graphic Design. I worked as a designer for years in newspaper and for agencies. During that journey, the Lord allowed me to meet Starla. I started out her Boss and yada, yada, yada, now she’s my Boss. We have been married for 7 years & one little man named, Finn. Soli Deo Gloria & Roll Tide.

Everyday Questions

What’s the first thing you do or think of when you wake up? Of my new mercies given by Christ.

Hot or cold? Hot

Favorite type of movie? Horror

Los Portales or El Ranchito? El Ranch has Claudia’s Special…but I would have to say Los.

Weekend or week days? All the same we are in the photography business.

If you could have a super power, what would it be? Control metal

Favorite pair of shoes of all time? Rainbow Flipflops

Favorite drink? Coke

I hate it when a person_________. Uses the phrase “out-of-the-box”. It’s called thinking creatively.

Ford or Chevy? BMW

Favorite Holiday? Christmas

If I could see anyone perform dead or alive, who would it be? Led Zeppelin

I look for ___________in a woman. A heart for Christ

Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars

If I wasn’t a designer/ photographer what would I be? BBQ restaurant owner