Family Limited Sessions

July 23rd, 2016

Hey guys!! I know several of you have asked for a family session this summer so here ya go.  I haven’t nailed down the EXACT location yet – they may just be backyard ones will grass and trees but honestly with family sessions I don’t like to have too much going on – it’s more about the FAMILY than anything!!

When: July 23, 2016

Where: TBD

How many people: Bring the whole fam. I’ll do combos: whole fam, siblings, parents, individuals, etc.

What to wear: Remember – don’t be too matchy – show your style while still looking like a family.

How much: Our limiteds are $300.  $150 is a session fee and $150 is a print credit

Do these come with digital files:  No they don’t, but you have a $150 print credit – you can get your individual digital files or pay the difference and get the whole session on a jump drive

How do I book: go HERE and fill out the contact form and select limited

What time:  5, 530, 6, 630, 7, 730


These are pictures from a fall session – but you get the idea…  like I said, family pictures are more about family than location but it will be similar… grass and trees…  nothing “prop driven”


Dress to be comfy and coordinating but not matchy matchy. Show your style


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