Our Philosophy

Ian and I believe photography is important in celebrating life, love, and family.  We have one of the best jobs in the world to be able to photograph a newborns first weeks of life, a senior celebrating years of hard work, a love story in it’s beginning stages, and a family’s love for one another.  While we don’t take that responsibility lightly, we also don’t take ourselves too seriously. We love our job, we love having fun together as a married couple in this tough business and I think that joy comes through in our images. We do promise you’ll leave your session with a smile on your face.

Our style comes from years of hard work, life experience, and a lot of practice. We are thankful for each client and happy to say we have photographed over 200 weddings and over a thousand sessions. Starla Photography officially opened 10 years ago this year and still going strong. I think we are a perfect team since I have a theater and photography background and Ian has a graphic design background.  You’ll receive great direction, attention to detail, creative angles, gorgeous lighting, and a clean edit for beautifully executed images.  I think something else that’s important is that I won’t leave you hanging before, during or after your session. We will collectively discuss and design your session. I also promise not to just throw you in front of the camera and expect you to be a model.  I don’t even want you to “be a model” – I want you to be YOU.  You are perfect the way you are.  I will give you all the direction you need – just trust me to bring out the best in you.  Then you’ll receive detailed instruction about ordering and displaying your gorgeous images.

When we see a old picture, we reflect on that great memory.When we lose a loved one, we search for a picture. Ian and I have lost 3 loved ones in the past few years and we ran to the family albums. We also had a baby in this past year and realize how important every moment is. We are experiencing first hand just how fast “they grow up”. These things shape us as artists. In the end, all we have are pictures and memories. I urge you to book a session, don’t wait.  You’ll never regret spending the money, you’ll only regret not making those memories and having the pictures to show your kids.  We hope to be the people you choose to capture these priceless moments.