Scarlett and sunflowers

One of THE BEST things about my job is the friendships that come from my clients.  I met Kierstin 3 years ago at Tanner’s newborn session and my life has never been the same.  Everyone should have a “Kierstin” in their life.  I know that she has my back no matter what.  Kierstin was also our occasional wedding assistant in 2014 and our full time wedding assistant in 2015 and we are missing her for 2016 weddings.

Kierstin has such HARD pregnancies.  She was so sick that she had a pump with medicine and got put on bed rest several times because Scarlett wanted to make her entrance even earlier than 37 weeks.  I wanted her session to be so special for so many reasons.  Kierstin lost her momma a few years ago and her favorite flower was a sunflower.  I’ve always known that Kierstin’s favorite flower was a sunflower too.  And it just so happens that Scarlett (our little sunflower) was born and got out of the NICU just in time to have her photo taken in the sunflowers!  (special thanks to the Grissoms for the field).  I wanted to honor Kierstin’s momma and Kierstin in a very special way – I think we did it KK.

Thank you Kierstin for your friendship, loyalty, and always making me laugh.  Congratulations on baby Scarlett.


First I’m posting the sunflower photos –  scroll down for more photos of waiting on Scarlett and her arrival.


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